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Harmonizing Design and Signage to create a 5-star Hotel Experience in Corfu

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

A luxury hotel in Corfu becomes the absolute case study of hotel signage, having achieved, in collaboration with bratti Hotel Signage, perfect harmony between aesthetics and signage

It is now a fact that travelers pay great emphasis on the design of the hotels that they choose to stay, and design can act as a driving force for more bookings. However, design, in addition to a beautiful aesthetic, should also offer harmony and functionality, which means that emphasis should be given in every aspect of it.

Signage, for example, is an integral part of a property’s aesthetics and design, and it is only in recent years that hoteliers have begun to emphasize its proper specification. Signs, however, can offer harmony and functionality to a property, as their goal is to guide visitors through the hotel’s premises, as well as inform them about the facilities.

A five-star hotel in Corfu seems to have taken a gasp of signage’s importance and has been able to fully harmonize its signage with its aesthetics in collaboration with bratti Hotel Signage, creating an aesthetically flawless hotel environment characterized by luxury and symmetry.

Domes of Corfu: Defining luxury in Hotels

Part of the Domes Hotels Group, one of the most popular luxury hotel chains in Greece, Domes Corfu exceeds the expectations, offering a flawless 5-star accommodation experience that has given attention to every detail.

The hotel combines the boho aesthetic with the architecture of Corfu, while antique and embossed surfaces have been used to decorate the hotel, giving a sense of uniqueness and character to every corner.

With this in mind, bratti Hotel Signage was requested to specify the hotel’s signage, which, however, should serve as an adorning element to the already upgraded aesthetics of the accommodation.

Some key points that bratti Hotel Signage had to consider for the proper Domes Corfu signage specification were:

To follow the luxurious and premium character of the accommodation

  1. To be easily distinguishable from visitors, but not distracting

  2. To follow minimal lines so as not to create extra "noise"

Specifying the Domes of Corfu marking bratti Hotel Signage

Best known in the hotel industry for the high quality of its services, bratti Hotel Signage specializes in the specification and construction of signage in hotels both in Greece and abroad. bratti Hotel Signage follows a standard process that includes the steps:


Specification of dimensions, texts and placement spots

Signage Design

Construction & Quality Check

Placement of Signs

Thus, in the case of Domes of Corfu, the above steps were reverently followed, which led to the complete harmonization of the signage of the accommodation with its design.

The emphasis on signage materials worked as a catalyst for its success

For the construction of the signs, a careful selection of materials was made, which would offer a premium feeling, while, at the same time, following the accommodation’s design. For the interior signs, which consist of three layers, bratti used aluminum, which was painted with a special pattern so that it would follow the hotel’s premium aesthetics.

In the outdoor areas, on the other hand, non-luminous double-sided pillars were selected with laser-cut texts, and painted with a special style so that they perfectly match the surrounding space. And, just like that, the design identity of the accommodation was formed.

#INSIDER TIP: The materials you will use for the signs will play a decisive role in their style, so you must take into consideration the character of your accommodation before you decide the signage style of your property!

The network of collaborators that framed the project

Finally, it is important to mention all the associates of bratti Hotel Signage, who contributed to the execution of the project. More specifically, bratti Hotel Signage has worked harmoniously with Hotel Investment Partners (HIP), one of the largest owners of hotel units in Southern Europe, owned by Blackstone. They also collaborated with the Greek group of hospitality companies Ledra Hotels & Villas, which manages the hotel under one of the most luxurious brands in Greece, Domes Resorts, as well as with Makridis Associates which undertook the hotel's architectural study, interior design and graphic designs.


It is important to emphasize that designing the signage of a hotel is an extensive process that needs proper specification, study, and specialization to be done correctly. That's why it's essential to trust someone in the field, such as bratti Hotel Signage, which already has a large number of hotels in its portfolio.

You can contact the specialized bratti Hotel Signage hotel consultants directly by filling out the form at this link, or by calling +30 210 9656500.


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