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Updated: Nov 2, 2021

A walkthrough of the steps that bratti Hotel Signage took for the signage specification of Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa, and how that resulted in the creation of an aesthetically and operationally excellent result!

Hotel Signage is now considered an integral part of the hotel experience, directly affecting the customer’s staying experience, as well as the hotel’s upselling. This has urged most of the modern hotels to implement signage in their design, which has proven to be quite a complex procedure that requires expertise, experience, and method.

The importance of experience and expertise in hotel signage is highlighted through one of the most unique hotel projects of bratti Hotel Signage, taking place in a luxurious 5-star property in Crete. Blending modern design with local architecture, this project imposed quite a challenge, as its signage would make a tremendous impact on the result.

Let’s discover how bratti Hotel Signage managed to create an aesthetically and operationally excellent result through proper signage specification and installation.

#The Hotel - Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa: A 5-Star Hotel in Crete that combines modern Design with Local Architecture

Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa is a 5-star hotel in Elounda, Lasithiou in Crete designed by WOBI architects (architectural study). It is recognized for its eco-friendly attitude, modern design, and high-quality of services and facilities.

bratti Hotel Signage oversaw Cayo’s signage specification, construction, and installation. Working closely with the widely famous Italian architect, Gian Paolo Venier, who was in charge of the hotel’s interior design, bratti Hotel Signage had to ensure that:

1. The signs were absolutely harmonized with the rest of the hotel’s aesthetics, so they would fit with their surroundings, and wouldn’t stand out.

2. The facilities’ signs were visible through the resort, so that they would also work as a means of informing the guests of the available facilities, in case they were not properly informed.

3. The signs followed the design of each hotel facility, adjusting the size, color, and other key features that would match with in their surroundings.

#TheMethod–Signage Specification, Materials Selection, Signs Design: The 3 Keys to Success

Taking into consideration the above, bratti Hotel Signage proceeded to the next 3 steps:

· Signage Specification

· Materials Selection

· Signage Design

During the signage specification, all the hotel areas of Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa were carefully studied, while the hotel’s key architecture features were noted down. Following, bratti Hotel Signage proceeded with the material selection and the design of the signs.

For the indoor areas, bratti Hotel Signage used individual aluminum letters, 10mm thick, painted with a special style in a color that would harmonize perfectly with the unique design of the accommodation.

For the exterior signage, mainly individual 3D letters were used, but also illuminated signs of hidden lighting, to enhance the feeling of impression and provide better visibility during the evening hours. The colors were chosen according to the design of each facility.

Concluding, all the signs were specified in such way that not only they are they visible and aesthetically harmonized, but also function as additional decorative elements to each area they are placed. #The Next Steps – Finalizing the Project: Construction and Placement of the Signs

Once the materials were selected and the direction was given, bratti Hotel Signage proceeded with the next stages of implementation, which completed the project of Cayo Exclusive Resort & Spa. The steps that followed were:

1. Signage Production and Quality Control: The signage production was carried out according to the company’s typical procedure and the quality control was completed by the specialized craftsmen of bratti Hotel Signage.

2. Signage Installation: Finally, the placement of the signs was also carried out by bratti Hotel Signage’s specialized team, which ensured an even result that is in line with their high quality standards. #The Final Result

And so, another successful project was added to bratti Hotel Signage’s portfolio, that highlighted the importance ofa hotel’s architecture to its signage specification, and how these two are directly connected to each other. For more information on how you can upgrade your hotel signage, contact bratti Hotel Signage at this link or call

+30 210 9656500!


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