The importance of the right
Hotel Signage

Hotel Signage is one of the most important factors that affect the property's functionality as well as the travellers' satisfaction. The right hotel signage indicates an "organized" hotel that contributes to the guest's overall experience, while a "bad" or incomplete signage can destroy the whole image of the hotel and deprive the customer of the maximum satisfaction.


The right signage study must take place at the appropriate time, which is after the hotel's Interior Design process and ideally, before the final 3D rendering. This order of actions leads to the optimum functional and aesthetic result since there is a clear picture of all the needs that need to be covered. Our signage experts collaborate with the hotel's Architects and the Interior Designers to complete the study and then provides the required specifications to the constructor.

Bratti undertakes the signage process from A to Z, collaborating in harmony with involved partners ensuring a high-quality result.


In case that a Hotel has undergone its own signage study, Bratti is able to work on the areas of production and installation, delivering once again the highest level of final result. 

Hotel Signage Stages

Signage Study

Dimensions, Wording and Installation Spots Specification

Signage Graphic Design

Production & Quality Control


Most Important

Signs in a Hotel

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