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Learn the signage specification stages of a five-star city hotel through the recently renovated Electra

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Electra Palace Thessaloniki is an emblematic hotel in the center of Thessaloniki and one of the city’s most recognized landmarks since its opening five decades ago. Accommodating international celebrities almost daily, the hotel soon became an integral part of the city’s innermost scene.

After an extensive renovation, Electra Palace Thessaloniki has opened its gates once again, more luxurious and elegant than ever, offering a high-end accommodation experience. Of course, the renovation’s great success is largely due to the collaboration with the architects who supervised the entire project, as well as bratti Hotel Signage, the company which undertook the hotel’s signage specification and construction.

Guided by the hotel’s modern aesthetics and the need for a seamless result, bratti Hotel Signage was invited to carry out a unique project, that would promote the grandeur of an architectural masterpiece through signage design and its ideal placement within the hotel’s interiors.


Hotel Signage is an excellent means of communication of your hotel brand values. Depending on the design, it can give visitors an idea of what to expect as well as highlight positive aspects of your business.


Which were the hotel signage Specification Stages at Electra Palace Thessaloniki?

  • Signage Study: The signage design should be perfectly aligned with the hotel’s aesthetics. Since the lighting, the fabrics, the bathrooms, and, literally, every meticulous, attractive detail was the result of the work of a highly qualified team of designers, the signage also had to match the hotel’s high aesthetics.

  • Signage Specification: The specification of dimensions, texts, and placement points was carried out by the experts of bratti Hotel Signage, after an extensive study of the hotel interiors. The team’s main goals were for the signs to be easily visible and, at the same time, aesthetically harmonized with the rest of the property, so that they could be regarded as a part of the overall design.

  • Material Selection: The materials used for the signage construction were carefully chosen so as to highlight the hotel’s premium accommodation experience. For the signage construction, 5mm aluminum was mainly used, which was perforated, cut in a unique style, and painted in a unique blend of black and gold. The colors used matched the property’s main architectural elements.

  • Signage Construction & Quality Control: The construction was carried out following the company’s high-standard production procedure & the quality control was completed by the experienced craftsmen of bratti Hotel Signage.

  • Signage Installation: Finally, the signs’ installation was also carried out by bratti Hotel Signage’s team, so as to ensure a seamless final result that is in line with the company’s high-quality standards.


The font plays a decisive role in the signage’s style and shall be selected only after thorough research. There are fonts that express optimism and elegance, and others that convey a more old-fashioned charm and reliability.


The network of collaborators who participated in this project:

bratti Hotel Signage undertook the entire signage process from A to Z, while cooperating perfectly with all the parties involved in the project, ensuring a high quality, and aesthetically pleasing result. The company collaborated perfectly with the team of Electra Hotels & Resort, the architect Mrs. Olivia Siskou from Olivia Siskou – Interiors, and the architectural office Sparch – Sakellaridou / Papanikolaou Architects.

bratti Hotel Signage: Πενήντα χρόνια προδιαγραφής και κατασκευής Ξενοδοχειακών Σημάνσεων

The specification of any type of signage is one of the most important steps in creating a high-quality end result. During the hotel signage study, bratti Hotel Signage works closely with the hoteliers, the Architect, the Concept Makers, and the Interior Designer of the project, aiming to achieve maximum functionality within the premises, and high-level guest satisfaction.

With over 50 years of experience in specifying and designing signboards, bratti Hotel Signage is one of the best-fit companies to handle your hotel signage, delivering a result that is completely in tune with its character.

For more information, you can contact bratti Hotel Signage directly at +30 210 9656500 or fill out the contact form here


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