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How a hotel in Athens became the ideal example of hotel signage

Hotelier Academy, in collaboration with bratti Hotel Signage, analyses the stages of signage implementation of the Athens Capital Hotel by Accor, one of the most ideal examples of hotel signage in Greece

As we have mentioned in our previous articles in Hotelier Academy, the signage is one of the most important elements of a hotel; directly affecting not only the experience of guests but also the effectiveness of its upselling strategy.

So far, we have given you tips on how signage can enhance your hotel experience, we have delved into the significance of the hotel illuminated signboards and where they are located in a hotel, and we have analyzed all the possible ways that signage can highlight F&B outlets of your hotel.

In this article, we decided to offer you a tangible example of successful hotel signage, which is presented in this case study, which is based on a recent project curated by bratti Hotel Signage, the first hotel signage company in Greece at the moment.

More specifically, we will analyze the stages of the project’s implementation, and the three important factors that led to an excellent design of the signage. Moreover, the reasons why the external signage was differentiated from the internal one, will be presented.

The hotel: The uniqueness of Athens Capital Hotel-MGallery and the reason why it is the ideal example of hotel signage

Photo Credits: Christos Drazos

Athens Capital Hotel-MGallery, which is a member of the Hellenic Hotels Company LAMPSA SA, is the first hotel of the Accor MGallery Hotel Collection in Greece, and one of the most recent additions, to the hotel scene of Athens. What makes it stand out, is its unique design, which combines tourism with art. In its spaces, a wide range of artworks is presented by famous Greek artists.

But why is it the ideal case study? Athens Capital Hotel is a special hotel that combines art with high aesthetics. The company that undertook the process of its signage, was invited to create signboards which will not only be in line with the high aesthetics of the hotel but will blend harmoniously with the surroundings on its premises.

So, this is a challenge that few signage companies could face, as it requires good knowledge of the hotel industry and experience in adapting the signage to “fit” with the hotels’ concept.

The company: A few words about bratti Hotel Signage and the stages of implementation of the project

Photo Credits: Christos Drazos

The Signage of Athens Capital Hotel was undertaken by bratti Hotel Signage, a company with more than 50 years of experience in the industry, holding in recent years the title of the most dynamic hotel signage company in Greece.

The company bratti Hotel Signage has a wide range of hotel projects in its portfolio, including huge hotel projects in Greece, and abroad.

The three key stages of the project and the implementation, that led to a flawless result

The implementation of the Athens Capital Hotel signage took place in three stages. The first stage was the study of signage, during which the style and character of the hotel were analyzed, the signboards were designed and the spots that would be placed were determined. That research was also based on the traffic of the visitors in corridors and public spaces of the hotel.

The analysis of the style of the hotel before the design of the signboards ensured perfection in the result, which was fully harmonized with the other features of the hotel. At the same time, the study of the traffic of visitors inside the hotel led to the strategic placement of the signboards. They were placed in visible places and were part of the overall image of the hotel.

The second step was the construction of the signboards. While the third, and last step, was their placement by the specialized technicians of the company in order to seal a flawless final result.

At this point, it is important to mention that the project was completed in a state of a universal lockdown, which demonstrates the determination and the very good cooperation of those involved, in order to complete the project. So, let’s take a look at some key points that led to this flawless result.

Case # 1: The three important factors that led to the design of the signs and the logic behind their strategic placement in the hotel

To achieve a harmonious integration of the signage in the hotel premises, the design team of bratti Hotel Signage had to study three factors: the architecture of the building, the decoration of the interiors, and the lighting in each place where they would be placed. These three factors, combined with the luxurious character of the hotel, led to the choice of signboards with neutral aesthetics, based on aluminum, thin lines, and a minimal color that inspires luxury; its color was black. Thus, the signboards that were created, could harmoniously match even the most special projects of the hotel.

Of course, the places where the signboards were placed, were not chosen randomly, but emerged after a specialized study of visitor traffic, depending also on the hotel facilities to be highlighted, such as restaurants and other services. The strategic placement of the signs, in places that were visible and at the same time matched with the delicate aesthetics of the hotel, significantly upgraded the result.

Case # 2: The external partners and their work on the success of the project

The success of this project is due to the collective effort and good cooperation of many different professionals. More specifically, there was close cooperation between the managers of the Athens Capital Hotel, the company bratti Signage, but also a large group of architects, designers, and builders, whose contribution played a decisive role in the result.

As we observe, the implementation of signage in a hotel requires work and know-how from a wide range of professionals, and of course, the work of these people cannot be replaced by “rough work”. Proper marking requires time and know-how. At this point, it is important to mention that the correct placement of a hotel sign can also increase its sales. Signs in hotels can act as a guest guide that informs visitors about facilities they may not have known, such as the spa, the gym, or a hammam.

Case # 3: The exterior signboards and their differentiation from the rest

The facade of the hotel plays a key role in its success for many and varied reasons. Initially, it affects significantly the visitor’s first impression, while it can act as an incentive for someone who is interested in the hotel, and is looking for a room booking. Therefore, the exterior signage of the hotel should be impressive, but at the same time, it should be consistent, with the rest of the hotel design.

In the case of the Athens Capital Hotel, illuminated signs and inscriptions consisting of individual three-dimensional metallic letters with hidden lighting were used. When illuminating letters from the back a special aura is created on the wall and sometimes around the letters a thin outline is created on each of them. This style was chosen to match the style of the hotel. The exterior lighting is chosen by the lighting architect of the project.


We would like to emphasize the importance of handling all the stages of signage, by the same company. It is important to highlight the fact that the company undertakes the production of the project, from the study and design to the placement of the signs in the hotel. That means, that the hotelier has a specific point of reference, from which he will be informed about the stages of the project. And of course, it guarantees an excellent result, as the company has specialized knowledge of hotel signage.


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