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Where and when are illuminated signage boards used in a hotel and smart tips for the best outcome

Amada Colossos Resort
Photo Credits: Amada Colossos Resort

Learn where you can add illuminated signboards in your accommodation, and special tips to help you create the best possible result.

Hospitality Industry is rapidly evolving, and so do the hotel facilities in order to provide a holistic experience to the hotel guests. One of the hotel facilities that has evolved significantly during recent years, and always with the contribution of technology, is signage boards.

Signage Boards are now being replaced by illuminated ones, which play a key role in the hotel experience.

But, how can illuminated signage affect the experience of your guests and the functionality of your accommodation? Illuminated signboards provide your hotel with an element of impression, remarkably improving its design, and at the same time creating a more familiar environment for your guests.

Where can illuminated signs be used in your hotel? Let's find out below!

In the central signage of your hotel

Glyfada Riviera Hotel
Photo credits: Glyfada Riviera Hotel

The central signage of the hotel is usually one of the most common places where illuminated signs are used. This is because it has always been one of the most important signage points of a hotel, crucially affecting the visitor’s first impression while assisting them in finding the hotel more easily. The central signboard should be large and bright enough although the light should never overshadow the letters. You should also choose a color that is warm and "familiar" while making sure it matches the identity of your hotel.

Smart Tip: Ensure that the illuminated signs used for the central signage of your hotel are not too bright, thus overshadowing the letters, as they may make a bad impression, especially in the evening.

In the signage of corridors and doors

Strogili Hotel Santorini
Photo Credits: Strogili Hotel Santorini

With the introduction of digital and illuminated signboards in the market, the signage of the corridors and the rooms gained importance. On the one hand, illuminated signs on the hallways not only create a more intimate atmosphere for travelers but also make it easier for them to find their rooms. Luminous signboards can also help visitors discover facilities they may not know that the hotel offered. Digital signs, on the other hand, can also greatly facilitate the Housekeeping Department.

Smart Tip: Set the color of your illuminated signboards to change throughout the day. Cold lighting is preferred during the day, while warm lighting at night.

In the signage of outlets (F&B, Spa, etc.)

Euphoria Resort
Photo Credits: Euphoria Resort

Outlets are part of the main areas of your hotel, so it is extremely important to pay them the necessary attention and configure your luminous signboards according to their needs. For example, in the Spa, you should ensure that the illuminated signs are lightly lit and promote the feeling of relaxation that space requires. On the other hand, for your restaurant’s signage, you have to take into account not only its type (diner, gourmet, traditional) but also what kind of cuisine it offers. For example, a fast-food restaurant needs cold lighting, while a restaurant with traditional Italian cuisine calls for warmer shades.

Smart Tip: Make sure your signs are fully harmonized with the space and don't look out of place (both in color and aesthetics), as their proper design can result to better upselling.

In the Instagram Hotspots of your hotel (swimming pools, etc.)

St. George Lycabettus, Athens
Photo Credits: St. George Lycabettus, Athens

A new type of facility that has been introduced in hotels in recent years is Instagram Hotspots. Many of the travelers who will visit your hotel will be looking for a place to take “Instagrammable” photos. So why not make it easier for them by presenting the best points? Make sure your Instagram Hotspots messages are smart and "fun".

Smart Tip: The message should contain the reason why they are considered Instagram Hotspots. An indicative message would be "God, I love this View!" and an arrow pointing to the view.

These are just some of the points where illuminated signage can be used. In conclusion, we would like to emphasize that you should pay special attention to the design of your signs, illuminated or not, as they should be fully harmonized with the aesthetics of your hotel. In this way, they will look like an integral part of the hotel experience, creating an even more familiar environment for your guests.


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