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TOP 10 projects 2023

We are proud and grateful for all the projects we implemented in 2023. However, we have selected 10 top projects that were particularly challenging, and we would like to share them with you.

It was an exceptionally creative and productive year for our company, and we are continuing with the same momentum into 2024!

Mandarin Oriental Costa Navarino


Surrounded by the natural beauty of the Peloponnese, the Mandarin Oriental Costa Navarino is a stunning resort.

Bratti Hotel Signage undertook the construction study of the signage, as well as the production and installation of signs, along with the study, construction, and installation of safety and health signage.

A particularly demanding and important project, with a large number of signs of various sizes and dimensions, featuring LED lighting on both exterior and interior signs. We successfully completed the project within the scheduled timeframe.

The implementation process was pleasant and creative for our team. Our experienced and technically proficient installation crew ensured effective and timely completion.

ndarin Oriental Costa Navarino

Mitsis Summer Palace Kos


A luxurious 5-star all-inclusive resort, built on an award-winning blue-flag beach in Kos, with breathtaking 360° views of the Aegean, Nisyros, and the Gulf of Kardamaina.

Bratti Hotel Signage has executed over 1,200 signage designs for hotels of all sizes and types. Our specialized team, consisting of architects, interior designers, industrial designers, and graphic artists, possesses the appropriate expertise and necessary experience for a comprehensive and professional signage outcome. Our company undertook the study, construction, and installation of the signage. Our goal was for the signs we designed to communicate and visualize the values of this uniquely designed and architecturally distinctive hotel brand.

Navarino Agora


Navarino Agora is an interactive, multicultural space that combines selected stores, dining, and entertainment venues.

Bratti Hotel Signage undertook the construction study, production, and installation of signs, as well as the construction and installation of safety and health signage. We thoroughly analyzed the entire array of signs to ensure their proper construction in accordance with the necessary specifications. Our experienced and specialized team efficiently installed the signs within the project's schedule, receiving excellent reviews from the client and project consultant.

Avant Mar Hotel & Suites


The luxurious hotel is located on the outskirts of Naoussa in Paros, offering a mesmerizing view of the Aegean. Bratti Hotel Signage took on the design of signage, the construction study, production, and installation of the hotel's signs.

Our Design Department focuses on achieving complete harmony of the signs with the surrounding space while ensuring they are easily readable and identifiable at their designated locations. Additionally, we always aim for the signs we design to accurately reflect the philosophy and uniqueness of the hotel, complementing and enhancing the architectural aesthetics of the space.

Santo Pure Oia Suites & Villas


A stylish 5-star hotel with luxurious suites and villas in the heart of Oia, on the beautiful island of Santorini. Bratti Hotel Signage executed the design, construction, and installation of signage.

Our Design Department initially defined the core concept for the signs to reflect the identity and values of the hotel, considering their purpose in each space, their size, and their placement. Subsequently, each sign was meticulously designed, emphasizing details. Additionally, the completion of the wayfinding design was exceptionally important, involving a traffic study to ensure that all signs were placed correctly, emphasizing functionality and providing accurate guidance for the hotel's guests and visitors.

Creta Maris Resort


The all-inclusive Creta Maris Resort combines Cretan hospitality with a lush environment and luxurious 5-star services. Bratti Hotel Signage took on the comprehensive renovation of the existing hotel signage, designing a new concept and defining a new wayfinding strategy. This was a particularly demanding project that required both strategic signage study and creative collaboration across all departments of our company to ensure the result was comprehensive and fully functional for the hotel.

Our company successfully implemented the study, design, construction, and installation of the signage. The signage study is the most crucial stage, determining the overall strategy of the space's signage, including the design of the signs and their strategic placement in accordance with the hotel's needs. This ensures they are fully aligned with the surrounding environment, concept design, and architecture.

Isla Brown Chania Resort & Spa


Elegant luxury and distinctive design inspired by the Cretan landscape. Bratti Hotel Signage successfully implemented the study, design, construction, and installation of the signage.

In this specific project, due to the large extent of the hotel, it was exceptionally important to design the wayfinding strategy. Initially, wayfinding simplifies the guest experience, as hotels can be complex structures with multiple floors, corridors, and facilities. Without proper signage, guests might feel lost and confused. For this reason, accurate signage for guiding visitors is extremely important. In this way, signs lead guests to their rooms, dining areas, or any other facilities, ensuring a functional and enjoyable stay.

The Chania Hotel


Once, this imposing building known as 'Chania Hotel' stood as a beauty from the 1950s, patiently silent until its recent and complete renovation into this distinctive 5-star hotel. Bratti Hotel Signage took on the study, design, construction, and installation of the signage. Our method in designing the signs begins with the right brainstorming from the Creative Department. For all of us at Bratti, the value lies in the result of a project that has been properly studied, produced with the right quality materials, and perfectly fits the aesthetics of the space for which it was designed. In this particular case, we focused on the concept design of a fully renovated city hotel aiming to provide comfortable hospitality to its guests, preserving the historical symbolism of the location in every detail of the hotel.

YI Hotel Mykonos


The 'Yi,' derived from the Greek word 'Γη' (Earth), transforms the hotel into a sanctuary with high energy in the Cycladic space, where Earth, Water, Air, and Fire meet, creating an unparalleled experience and a journey into nature.

Bratti Hotel Signage executed the study, design, construction, and installation of the signage. The signage concept we designed and implemented was based on the four basic elements of nature, which are equally prominent in the architecture and concept design of the hotel. The primary need for signage was a modern, minimal, and perfectly harmonized with the surrounding environment design. The wayfinding strategy was determined based on the hotel's spaces and facilities, with the main focus on facilitating guests' easy movement throughout the hotel.

Mat Fashion


The Mat Fashion retail chain underwent rebranding and a change in corporate identity. Bratti Hotel Signage took on the design, construction, and placement of the new refreshed signage in all Mat Fashion stores in Greece. The signage design was based on the updated logo. Our team designed the new exterior signs of the stores, emphasizing the details of the curved letters of the logo. LED lighting imparts a modern and impressive identity to the main store signs. This is not only because they are visible at night from a considerable distance but also because they serve as a captivating element, significantly enhancing the overall design.

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