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Studying the signage of a luxury hotel with a design inspired by the 50s

bratti Hotel Signage presents a special case study of hotel signage in Thessaloniki that was inspired by the 50s.

In order to create a modern hotel experience and place properly their property in the market, it is necessary for hoteliers to pay attention to every detail of the accommodation experience, as hotels nowadays offer not only accommodation but also experiences to their guests, while there has also been a significant increase in travelers’ demands in the past years, which has resulted in high competition.

As important as it is for a hotel to have high-speed internet, a nice and varied breakfast, a modern design, or even a special hotel concept, it is equally important that its signage is based on a well-rounded study and proper specification. The benefits of complete signage specification are many, with the most important ones being the following:

  • It informs guests about hotel services/infrastructure, of which they otherwise might not be aware

  • It guides guests and new staff inside the property

  • It creates a unified aesthetic, as the labels fit better into the overall design of the hotel

  • It enables the correct placement of the signage for better visibility

However, as signage specification is a multi-level process that needs specialization, in collaboration with bratti Hotel Signage, one of the leading signage companies in Greece - and the only one that specializes in the hotel industry - we present a special case study of hotel signage, based on a concept inspired by the 50s.

ON Residence: A luxury hotel in Thessaloniki, inspired by a historic 50s restaurant

ON Residence is a luxury hotel in the center of Thessaloniki, inspired by a well-known restaurant that operated in the 50s, “Olympus Naoussa.” The architects Nikolas Travasaros from Divercity Architects and Dimitris Thomopoulos executed the hotel design, while Nikiforidis and Cuomo took over the back garden and the roof garden design. The office of Nikos Fletoridis undertook the implementation of the architectural study, and Fabienne Spahn the interior design.

The technical specification and the signage design played a key role in upgrading the hotel's accommodation experience and in achieving the creation of an atmosphere that is truly reminiscent of the 50s. Following the classic/art deco style of the accommodation, bratti Hotel Signage came up with a retro aesthetic for the signs, which not only follows the special design of the accommodation but is also an active part of it.

The stages of creating ON Residence signs and the choice of materials

For the signage creation and specification, bratti Hotel Signage follows a standard procedure, which consists of:


Dimensions, wording, and installation spots specification

Signage Design

Production & quality control


Following the above process, bratti Hotel Signage managed to create signs that are part of the hotel's staying experience and directly related to the history of the building, perfectly matching its architecture, interior design, and concept.

As for the materials, bronze plates with the texts perforated with laser-cut were used. This gave the signs rich textures and a premium feel, which goes hand in hand with the high-standard accommodation experience offered by the hotel.

These were the steps followed by the bratti Hotel Signage for the specification and implementation of the ON Residence signage, giving the hotel an air of the 50s.


It is important to mention the network of collaborators that framed this project for its successful completion. The company bratti Hotel Signage collaborated with the companies Tor Hotel Group and Grivalia Hospitality, the creative office Red Creative Thessaloniki, which undertook the design of the corporate identity of the hotel and restaurant, the architectural office Divercity Architects, and the architectural office Dimitris Thomopoulos. To consider a possible partnership with bratti Hotel Signage, you can contact the company at this link or by calling +30 210 9656500.


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