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Proper signage means organization

Bratti has been evolving and growing for more than 50 years, aiming to remain the leading choice in professional signage in Greece.

Our company has an excellent team of signage experts that can carry out the signage study, design, construction, and installation for professional spaces such as hotels, banks, museums, office buildings, marinas, airports, etc.

Depending on the category and the needs of each project, bratti's signage experts provide a comprehensive solution, while guaranteeing a top-tier result in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

The key points we take into account for the correct specification of a signage:

  • The signs must be completely in harmony with the unique aesthetics of the accommodation, so that they do not seem out of place but are part of its overall design.

  • Infrastructure signs should be visible at every point of the accommodation, so as to inform travelers immediately, in case they are not aware of any infrastructure.

  • The different uses and the uniqueness of each space are taken into account and the necessary modifications are made, both in the size and in the design of the signs.

Signage Stages
  • Signage Study - Dimensional specifications of inscriptions, texts & placement points

  • Graphic Design

  • Manufacturing & Quality Control

  • Installation

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_______________ For more information on how you can upgrade the signage at your property, contact Bratti Hotel Signage company on +30 210 9656500 or email


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