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Our proposal for avoiding mistakes and their solution

1. On time search of the right company to design the hotel's signage study

The right time is when the architectural study of the project is completed and before the implementation begins. So there will be no delays, extra costs, hasty and sketchy constructions. Any design proposal chosen, will be able to be properly implemented.

2. Choosing the right company for sign design and manufacturing. This company should:

  • be treating the entrepreneur as a partner and to seek long-term cooperation.

  • has an in-house Sign Design Department with:

- high aesthetics for an elegant effect which match with the hotel's architecture and philosophy

- technical know-how to construct the design proposal, economically, by using the right materials for durability damages, and aslo having experience in wayfinding so that the marking is not incomplete or vague.

  • has an in-house vertically integrated production unit to control quality and delivery time, so that it can immediately serve the needs that arise after the delivery of the project.

  • has its own, certified & specialized installation crews, serving all Greece directly, with quality and safe signgs' and inscriptions' installation . In this way, the company has got the responsibility for the correct completion of the project.

3. Quick and stable decisions

Time is an important factor for the correct completion of the project. Quick decisions on the proposals proposed by the signage design and manufacturing company, contribute to the timely routine of the works, so that there is more time for the businessman to deal with the rest of the hotel's needs.

4. Selection based on important criteria and not only financial ones.

Choosing the cheapest solution or copying some good sign is not the right decision. Consideration must be given to: a) the reliability of the supplier, b) the quality and aesthetics of the signs.

At Bratti Hotel Signage we believe that the result of a project has value when:
  • it is properly studied

  • it has been produced with the appropriate materials

  • creates value for money


For more information on how you can upgrade the signage at your property, contact Bratti Hotel Signage company on +30 210 9656500 or email


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