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Invest in the Signage Study

Mr. John Bratis, General Director & Co-Owner of Bratti Company, answers 3 key questions about the importance of signage study at the hotels.

1. Why is the Signage Study important in the functionality of a hotel?

The signage study is a particularly important project and has as its primary objective to successfully provide and transmit information to the visitors of a space. Suppose we are in a large, crowded space without any information or signages around us. How can we find the exit, the parking or whatever we are looking for? Only if there are legible, right wayfinding and space delimitation signages it would be easy for us to find our destination quickly. Therefore, it is extremely important for the proper operation of a hotel but also for the best service of its customers the correct signage study.

2. What's included in a Signage Study?

Signage Study is the first and important stage for the delivery of quality siganges. In this stage we decide of the exact spots where each sign will be placed. Moreover, we finalized all the messages, meaning the content, that will be displayed on each sign.

Of course, we investigate in each project personalized signage proposals according to the needs and architectural design of each hotel, in order to ending at the creative design of signs and the construction plan for each sign.

3. What are the main selection criteria for someone to choose bratti company for the implementation of the Signage Study?

Our company specialized in the hotel industry having more than 1,200 signage studies implemented of all hotels' types and sizes. Moreover, bratti company since 1959, more than 50 years is activated in design and production of signages. Thus, we have the know-how to guarantee and ensure a high-quality result that perfectly suits your hotel. Also, we develop the entire signage process. Our highly trained staff works harmoniously with the hotels' Managers and undertakes all the necessary stages: study of signage, signs design, construction, installation.

At Bratti Hotel Signage we believe that the result of a project has value when:
  • it is properly studied

  • it has been produced with the appropriate materials

  • creates value for money


For more information on how you can upgrade the signage at your property, contact Bratti Hotel Signage company on +30 210 9656500 or email


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