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In hotel signage is not enough only a good design

Signage hotel is one of the factors that contribute to guest experience.

Correct hotel signage is one of the key elements that distinguishes popular and successful hotels... from the rest!

What is the difference in the above 2 sentences?

The great word "correct" which gives extra value to the signage. The word "correct" hides within it the right, the real, the true, the accurate. Just what a sign needs in order to be functional and guide visitors to find what they need or are looking for.

Bratti hotel signage with more than 50 years of experience in the signage and over than 1200 signage studies for hotels, has the appropriate know-how to provide correct signage.

What are those characteristics that prove the correctness of the signage?

The first and most important stage for the creation of signage systems is that of the Study of Signage.

Our specialized team consists of architects, interior designers, industrial designers and graphic designers. Therefore, we have the know-how and the required experience to develop a professional signage result.

​A comprehensive Study of Signage is carried out in three stages.

1st Stage - Creative Study

Our specialized team studies and decides on the construction materials, the type of font, the style of the pictograms and other symbols, the shape and design of the signs. Also, the color of the signs and the presence or absence of lighting are chosen, so that they match and enhance the architecture of the building.

2nd Stage – Wayfinding Strategy

We define all the signage points in order to provide easy and immediate information and also guidance to the visitor. Moreover, the flow of traffic is determined based on specific destinations, such as rooms, reception, elevators, evacuation plan, restaurants, spa etc., as well as the direction to other buildings of the hotel and its exterior places.

​3rd Stage - Construction Study

We precisely determine the size and construction specifications of each sign, which concern its design, the selected materials and its placement point, taking into account the weather conditions. Also, at this stage, the lighting study of the signage is completed, as well as a study of the support of the signs.


1. A good design is not enough to bring the result of the correct guidance and information we need for our hotel. A specialized signage study is required.

2. Many advertising agencies or designers propose imaginative signs with nice visuals, but it is realized when we procced with the production of these proposals that they cannot be produced or that their typesetting is incomplete since important information is missing: sign weight, dimensions, addition features such as LED lighting etc.

3. Only a specialist signage design company can design and produce a perfect sign result.

At Bratti Hotel Signage we believe that the result of a project has value when:
  • it is properly studied

  • it has been produced with the appropriate materials

  • creates value for money


For more information on how you can upgrade the signage at your property, contact Bratti Hotel Signage company on +30 210 9656500 or email


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