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How correct is the signage in your hotel?

You have created a hotel with impressive interior design, a clean and inviting exterior and the rooms are sure to delight your guests!

Also remember that in hotels first impressions are important and the best way to stand out is to create a professional and welcoming signage.

Whether you have a hotel that needs a brand refresh or you’re planning on opening a new hotel, the proper Signage Study is necessary.

The main purpose of hotel signage is branding. Therefore you need to create a unique identity for your hotel so that it stands out from every other hotel in the area.


Choosing the right colors, fonts, and designs for your hotel signage, will evoke emotions in customers and help convey your brand values.

Signage Study

The first and most important stage for the creation of quality signage systems is that of Signage Study. During the signage study, we conduct extensive research on the needs of the business, the places where the signs will be placed, and the identity of the brand so that the next steps run smoothly.

It is the most important step to ensure that signs will be designed and strategically placed according to the needs of the business and that they will be in harmony with the surrounding area.

Signage Types

For the signage study, bratti has a specialized team consisting of architects, interior designers, industrial designers and graphic designers, who work collectively to ensure that the signage study is complete and fully meets the company's requirements for:

  • Indoor/Outdoor Inscriptions & Signs

  • Wayfinding Signs

  • Safety & Health Signs

  • LED Signs

  • Signs in Braille Code

  • Electronic Signs

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