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Hotel signage contributes to the guest's experience

Βratti hotel signage carried out the design, manufacture and installation of signage for the newly renovated Cliff Side Suites hotel on the magnificent island of Santorini.

Hotel's signage is one of the factors that contribute to the experience that its guests will have and it is successful when is completed at the right time and in the right way.

Our company has the appropriate know-how to highlight the value and philosophy of each hotel through appropriate signage. Our experienced team designs the interior and exterior signs taking into account the concept and aesthetics of the hotel.

Logo Application on central signs of Cliff Side Suites

Signs with the hotel's logo and name were placed in central places. The design of the signs follows the aesthetics of the logo and they were made with individual metal letters in a minimal version that fits the aesthetics of the Aegean style at the same time.

Wayfinding Signage

It is extremely important for all hotels to have the right information through the signs for the orientation of its visitors, so that they can find their destination easily and immediately.

Rooms' Signage

Even the signs of the rooms should follow the general concept of the signage, so that they do not look out of place and fit perfectly with the aesthetics of the hotel.

Add value to your hotel with bratti hotel signage

If you need signage for your hotel we are your most reliable choice!

Our company undertakes the entire signage design process, ensuring a high quality result.

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