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Bratti Hotel Signage implemented the signage for the luxury resort One&Only Aesthesis

One&Only Aesthesis is a stunning luxury resort that showcases the golden days of the Athenian Riviera.

Bratti hotel signage implemented the Interior and Exterior* Signage Study, wayfinding, as well as the Construction and Placement of the Signage. Our goal was for the designed signs to communicate and visualize the brand's values, unique in design and architectural identity of this hotel.

Our Design Department, which conducted the Signage Study, is primarily focused on ensuring the complete integration of the signs with the surrounding space, while being easily readable and identifiable in their placement. Additionally, we always strive for the signs we design to accurately reflect the philosophy and uniqueness of the hotel, complementing and enhancing its architectural space.

Our company has implemented over 1,200 signage studies for hotels of all sizes and types. Our specialized team, consisting of architects, interior designers, industrial designers, and graphic designers, possesses the appropriate expertise and required experience for a comprehensive and professional signage outcome.

*In the exterior signage, certain elements designed by the company WE DESIGN were retained and approved by the client before we undertook the project.


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