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Braille Signs
Braille Signs


We produce Braille Signs for Hotels. It is necessary that products and services are accessed to people with disabilities the same way that they are accessed to all other citizens. Braille sings help blind people move easier in public areas.

Bratti company complies with all the specifications and restrictions in force in the European Union for the proper information for people with disabilities, which determines the size, the area of engraving, the color, etc. We have specialized staff with the necessary certification in braille writing from the Center for Education & Rehabilitation for the Blind (KEAT Greece), so that texts can be checked.


Bratti  takes over the:

• Typing – text editing before converting to Braille code.

• Translation of text from Greek or other languages into Braille code.

• Printing catalogs, forms and floor plans in Braille code format.

• Production of signs to facilitate the movement of people with visual impairments.

This way we can make your customized interior and exterior Braille sign, price lists, forms and any other needs (drawings, floor plans, etc.) in braille code. The price lists and the floor plans are printed on special A4 size paper.
According to the new Greek Law 4488/2017 (Article 65, paragraph 3) & Ministerial Decision no. 91345, article 70 of the Ministry of Economy and Development, all catering shops and hotels must have a price list for blind people in Braille code.



Our company provides you unique signs, specially designed and constructed based on the architecture and philosophy of your project (hotel, company etc.). All signs can be billingual.

In addition to the standard bratti® sign types listed above, bratti® undertakes the Signage Study, in order to give a full and complete specification of the signage that will maximize your property’s operation and ensure a high satisfaction level for the travellers. * Matte and glossy finishes can be produced in any RAL color.

In all cases and for each project separately, either a small or a big one, bratti guarantees a high-quality result, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics!

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